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“Cesar helped me to become more flexible and trim. He provided wonderful one on one support with my food choices and kept me on track to lose weight... and he is very entertaining, making my workouts fun and something I look forward to!”
-Beth C.

“Ces pushed me consistently and brought a ton of enthusiasm to the workouts.”
-Rob S.

“Training sessions were always a challenge and a great work out. Very reliable, never cancelled or was late for any sessions in the year and a half we worked out together. I lost 25 pounds working out with him.”
-Nick D.

“Ces motivated me in a way that I could not do on my own. he knew when and how to push me to achieve strength goals I did not think were within reach. my record of 17 push-ups, (yes, military style),is still a source of personal pride.”
-Joanie K.

“Ces is an excellent trainer.  Also original with his approach, and able to mix up the workouts enough to keep us engaged.   Results were key and that's what we achieved.   Thanks Ces.”
-Ed S.

"When I first started training with Cesar, I could barely manage a single pushup.  Now I can pound out 30 in under a minute and I'm well on my way to my goal of doing unassisted pull ups.  I've actually had strangers at my gym compliment me on my strength!" 
- Katie M

“Over the last twelve years I have tried to get in better shape, so that I would feel healthier, stronger, and have a better self-image.  I have hired personal trainers five times over these last twelve years to help in that quest.  Cesar is the first one that really made a difference.  

Cesar’s knowledge and understanding of exercise, anatomy, and nutrition is extensive.  The programs he set up for me really made a difference.  He provided enough variety and training to help me reach goals that I have never reached before.  

With my previous four trainers I worked out for various lengths of time, but I always got discouraged when I did not feel or see results after a few months.  Cesar is the first trainer who really made a difference for me.   I have kept a record of my workouts and the weights used and routines.  Looking back at what I was doing a year earlier with my previous trainer and what I did with Cesar, there is a really significant difference. But the biggest difference is in how I feel about myself.  Four people I know at the gym, people I play racquetball with or those I have seen in the weight room over the years, have all commented to me separately that I am looking better.  One even said to me “Tom, you’re really getting buff” – something I’ve never heard before.  

Cesar inspired me to do more than I thought I could do, and encouraged me to keep going when I thought I couldn't.  He made a great difference to me!”
-Tom G